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It is a time tested truth that a well maintained body weight is essential for a good quality healthy life. Weight loss is quite a serious issue because it is easier to put on those extra Kilos than lose them. Increased weight means more fat add to the body and more fat translate into serious health risks for any person. Weight loss helps to lessen pressure on knees thereby relieving knee and leg pain related issues further It can help in controlling diabetes, hypertension and a series of discomforts and illness caused on account of unhealthy weight gain.

Weight Loss happens when our body burns more fat layers than what is generated by our food we eat. It is important to understand that we need to target loosing fatty layers of adipose tissues rather than muscle mass.

We at Body Clinix have a well-researched scientific approach to lose weight the easy, painless and a safe way. our Weight Loss treatments and programs have been designed by the best team of dedicated doctors, weight loss experts, and highly experienced professionals with decades of research on proper weight loss techniques. our therapies are US-FDA approved and are widely used across the world. we have over 12 different unique techniques and technologies to give our clients the results in fat loss, inch loss, and weight loss which are long-lasting.

Body Clinix located in South Delhi is India’s best destination for guaranteed result oriented Weight loss & Inch Loss one stop destination. We customised and simplifying Weight loss solutions for you.

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Our advanced non-surgical procedures, combined with our best professional support team of weight loss experts, to help you lose your desired weight and stay that way.

Expert Health Professionals

Comprehensive Programs

All The Latest Techniques

Cutting -Edge Technology

At BODY Clinix we help you with

  • Weight problems
  • Body contouring
  • Calorie burning without exercise
  • BMI Management
  • Stubborn cellulite reduction
  • Sagging Skin Issues
  • Stretch Marks
  • Realistic approaches to nutrition

BODY CLINIX Advantages

  • Non-judgmental support
  • Holistic Approach of your needs
  • Highly Trained Professionals
  • Effortless way to your target weight
  • Pocket friendly Options
  • World Class Clinic Environment
  • State of the Art Technology
  • US FDA Approved Procedure

Is non-surgical fat reduction a good option for me?

If your ideal body weight does not need significant reshaping in an area, non-surgical treatments can be a great option to reduce isolated pockets of stubborn fat without surgery, and with no downtime.

Benefits of non-surgical fat reduction

  • Session duration is between 30-90 Minutes
  • No general aesthesia, incisions or scars
  • Very little to almost No downtime
  • Side effects are very minimal
  • US-FDA approved safe procedures
  • Visible results in shorter period
  • Most procedures are pain free
  • Very Affordable Costs
  • Long lasting results with little maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

If you continue to follow Body Clinix’s healthy lifestyle customised plans made for you and have follow-ups with us, the weight you have lost will stay off.

There are only good side effects of weight loss

  • reduction in levels of fat
  • better contouring of your body
  • Clothes will fit better on you
  • Increased feeling of confidence about you
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved and overall healthy Body for you to experience

Weight-loss programs at Body Clinix are meticulously designed by our best nutritionists, weight loss experts, professionals and doctors. They are customised to each person and are medically safe, painless and without any negative side effects to your body.

The Starting point of weight loss is 1kg of body weight. At Body Clinix some of our clients lose up to 35 kg with our advanced treatments.

Body Clinix located in South Delhi is India’s Best Weight Loss destination because.

  • We provide premium services aided by the latest advanced medical technology
  • Customised solutions to suit your weight loss journey
  • our therapies are US-FDA approved and are widely used across the world.
  • Long lasting results thru our Body Clinix healthy lifestyle customised plans.
  • well-researched scientific approach to lose weight the easy, painless and a safe way
  • Designed by the best team of dedicated doctors, weight loss experts, and highly experienced professionals with decades of research on proper weight loss techniques.
  • Pocket friendly Options to suit your needs.

Body Firming

Fat loss from the body areas and face leads to looseness of the skin as during this process skin loses its firmness and elasticity. The collagen fibres in the skin which are responsible for the firmness and elasticity gets damaged during the process of fat gain in the body and many a times the skin does not retract after a major fat loss in the body.

At Body Clinix we offer several methods of treatments after understanding your body skin type and apply such methods to stimulate neo-collagenosis in the dermal layer which gives a natural lift and contour to your skin. All our skin-tightening and firming treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical processes that effectively tightens your skin with no down time .

We at Body Clinix use high-end, USFDA-approved Laser’s and HIFU machines which require less than hour for treatment. we also perform other aesthetic procedures such as Botox and fillers for skin-firming based on your request.

Nutrition & Diet Plans

At Body Clinix, we understand how hard it is to reduce stubborn fat in a short time frame. Our weight loss packages approach the most exceptional fast weight loss plans and packages offering you an opportunity to lose weight effortlessly, safe, pain free and in a healthy way without any side effects. Our Current routine life has made 'weight loss' a conception that is desired worldwide. At Body Clinix, we make this desire into a reality of a healthy lifestyle, by offering harmonious blend of the most advanced up-to-date scientific technologies along with effective weight loss programs, customised diet plan to lose weight fast the healthy way. We make customised weight loss packages as well as dietary and lifestyle counselling in leading a healthy, stress-free life.

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition is a method of breaking down the body into its core components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water, It dissects exactly what you are made up of including body fat mass, muscle mass, bone, tissue and water. It further describes your weight more accurately and provides a better glimpse into your overall health than traditional methods.

Body weight is not the only way to measure your overall health. Body composition is also one of the best measurements of how physically fit you are and a predictor of increased risk for certain chronic diseases. The higher your percentage body fat, especially visceral fat that lines the organs in your abdomen, the greater the risk for developing diseases such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. A higher lean body mass can often mean a better metabolism because muscle is more metabolic than fat and promotes a higher basal metabolic rate

At Body Clinix’s our Body Composition Analysis will not only tell you about your body fat percentage, We can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentages during your health transformation. Undergoing body composition analysis can help you understand your body weight on a deeper level by telling you your body fat percentage, bone density, and lean muscle mass. We also help you fine tune your nutrition needs for fat loss and muscle gain, and point out to any health risks you might be facing. 

At Body Clinix we track your progress with body composition outputs

Obesity Management


Experience the Obesity Free Life and enjoy your younger self again. Get back to your health with the expertise of Body Clinix’s qualified and experienced doctors.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is associated with and increases the probability for having a number of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart or cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, PCOD, osteoarthritis, depression, stroke and some types of cancers. Also It causes severe health risks and is associated with decreased life span and poor quality of life.

Obesity is a metabolic condition due to accumulation of excess fat in the body and causing ill effects on our health. In medical terms, a patient having BMI> 30kg/m2 is considered obese.

Hence, it is quite important to stay close to your ideal body weight in order to be healthy.  Weight loss maintenance is a major challenge for these interventions. Dietary changes and weight loss can help improve symptoms of sleep apnea


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