Mole Removal Treatments

What are Moles

Have you witnessed nevocellular skin growths appearing in your skin’s layers? These patches or moles are typically dark brown and come in various sizes and forms. The mole removal cost in India varies according to the types of moles based on complex, skin, and blue moles. At BodyClinix, we offer suitable treatments at the best mole removal price.


COMPOUND MOLES: Slightly raised, range in colour from tan to dark brown.

DERMAL MOLES: Range from flesh-colour to brown, are elevated, most common on the upper body, and may have hairs

BLUE MOLES: Slightly raised, deep coloured within the skin, and most common on the head, neck, and arms of women.

Moles are usually harmless and do not require any treatment. If you are conscious by an unsightly mole and need it to be removed for aesthetic reasons, or worried it may be dangerous then mole removal is a suitable option

BODY Clinix offers the best and most effective options for mole removal in Delhi. Once our team of experts diagnose your dangerous mole, or a mole you want to remove, then the treatment is usually done on an outpatient basis. Our treatments are relatively painless and usually removed under local or topical anaesthesia.


The treatment for mole removal is relatively painless. There are three primary ways to remove moles:

Razor Excision

A razor-sharp blade is used to cut out your mole—no need for stitches

Excision by punch:

Your mole is twisted out by a little device put over it, resulting in the need for one to two sutures. In addition, cells that have grown underneath the skin's epidermis may be in some moles

Laser Extraction

Laser therapy may also be used to eliminate moles that are underneath the skin's surface. Intense light radiation in laser mole therapy breaks down the skin's mole cells. The mole removal using this procedure typically requires two or three treatment sessions at BodyClinix. Laser treatment can remove many moles simultaneously and be utilized in places that are more difficult to reach, including the face or ears.


The results vary from individual to individual and are subject to different conditions. In addition, each person’s recovery process is unique. For example, younger folks heal more quickly than older ones. Some people even require weeks to recover.


Our expert dermatologists advise the following guidelines for aftercare:

  • Stay out of the sun.
  • Avoid touching or provoking the scar.
  • Maintain a clean, moist wound.
  • Gently rub the scar.

Are you concerned with an ugly mole? Do you feel that it may be dangerous for you? Do not worry! BodyClinix offers the best effective mole removal treatment. So, contact us immediately if you want to opt for budget-friendly mole removal near you.

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