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What Is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a skin disorder that generates dark patches. There are various types of pigmentations. These include superficial pigmentation, which can be caused by light suntan and sun damage, frictional pigmentation, which is caused by constant rubbing, and deep pigmentation, which includes melasma, deep sun tan, hyperpigmentation, and other conditions. Melanin, a pigment found in your body, is responsible for the natural hue of your skin. Pigmentation on your face can be aggravating, but the good news is that there are several treatments available on the market, such as chemical peels, laser treatment, and topical creams, that you can use to completely eliminate pigmentation from your face.

Contrary to popular belief, freckles, melasma, and dark spots do not normally go away on their own. In reality, therapy is required in around 90% of instances to completely eradicate pigmentations from the face. Check this out if you’re sick of your uneven skin tone and desperate for a technique to eliminate your pigmentation permanently and effectively. Melanin problems can cause pigmentation on your skin, resulting in the appearance of dark areas. If you notice that you are getting these patches, a pigmentation treatment can assist. There are numerous techniques available to diminish pigmentation. If you are looking for Pigmentation removal in Delhi, you are in the right place because Bodyclinix offers a wide range of treatments that will help you to achieve flawless skin that you’ve always desired!

What Causes it

Melanin is produced by certain skin cells, the function of which can be disrupted by genetics, hormone imbalance, and sun exposure. As a result, the pigmentations begin to cluster in patches in various places of the face, resulting in dark blotches which can be uneven and cause the face to look patchy. Excessive sun exposure might worsen this, especially if no protection is given to skin. Sun exposure, hormone imbalances, and a few other environmental variables can all cause skin pigmentation.

Pigmentation on the skin can be caused by a pigmentation issue or as a side effect of a chronic disease or medicine in rare situations. Pigmentation disorders that are common include dark spots, age spots, freckles, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As a result, the pigmentation treatment that is best for an

individual is determined by the type of pigmentation and its severity. Before recommending a medicine, the patient’s overall health and medical history are also looked at to make sure there won’t be any bad effects.

To describe what we call “hyperpigmentation,” which is a little difficult to say,

There are several types:

  • Spots of age Freckles
  • Sun Spots
  • Hyperpigmentation caused by an inflammatory process
  • Melasma
  • Skin discoloration after acne

What Bodyclinix Has to Offer

The good news is that Bodyclinix offers the most effective pigmentation treatments in Delhi. Skin pigmentation problems can result in unusually dark spots or regions of skin. Most of the time, these changes in skin colour show up on the face, but they can happen anywhere on the body.

Bodyclinix offers world-class pigmentation treatments using FDA-approved technologies. The specialists in skin pigmentation treatment in Delhi at Bodyclinix  have also devised some novel treatments to get rid of your pigmentation. Compared to other pigmentation treatments in Delhi, these treatments have better, faster, and longer-lasting results because they are based on years of experience and a good understanding of how to treat pigmentation.

Here are some of the treatments available at Bodyclinix for pigmentation removal: 

  • Chemical Peel
  • Mesotherapy
  • Laser Toning
  • Medi-facials
  • Microneedling
  • Laser peel
  • IPL Treatment
  • Microdermabrasion


Chemical Peels: A chemical peel can improve the appearance of your skin not only on your face but also on your hands and neck. Peeling is an ancient procedure for skin regeneration that is still used today. A chemical peel is a form of skin resurfacing used to address skin pigmentation. The chemical peel solution gets rid of dead skin cells and smooths out the top layer of younger, healthier skin. This reduces the appearance of black spots on your skin. Different peels use alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, and trichloroacetic acid as agents, depending on whether you need a mild, medium, or deep peel. All of these procedures are performed flawlessly by competent and experienced dermatologists so that you can relax and get treated by the best face pigmentation removal treatment in Delhi for even toned skin. A separate chemical solution will be employed depending on whether a mild, medium, or deep peel is desired. Those looking for a less intensive treatment, for example, can utilise alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as fruit, lactic, and glycolic acids. They can surely aid with pigmentation, but due to their modest intensity, they must be repeated several times to preserve their benefits. They also provide a quick recuperation period.

What to expect: Swelling, redness, and stinging are common adverse effects. Remember not to expose your exposed skin to the sun after the treatment. It is adived to follow doctor’s advice as aftercare to get maximum benefits.

Mesotherapy: Skin discoloration, often known as pigmentation, is an undesirable skin condition. Mesotherapy is an extremely effective treatment for skin pigmentation. Bodyclinix offers mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a pigmentation treatment that uses injectable chemicals to treat dark patches on the skin. Vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts are some of the most commonly used medicines for treating pigmentation. Depending on your situation, these are injected into different depths of the skin where the pigmentation is. However, the treatment may cause nausea, redness, sensitivity, scarring, eczema, rash, and pain. Because of the MCT mesoinjector gun, the surgery doesn’t hurt and there is no downtime.

What to expect: There can be swelling, redness on skin after the procedure but after a while it will settle down. Your skin is still fragile immediately following the operation. Using harsh chemicals on your skin, especially your face, can cause irritation. After each treatment, wait at least 24 hours before applying makeup.

Laser toning: The use of lasers has revolutionized dermatology operations. At Bodyclinix, laser toning is a skin pigmentation therapy that works naturally to increase collagen formation by removing pigmentation cells. It is one of the best laser pigmentation treatment in Delhi giving you best results.

What to expect: The sun’s UVA and UVB rays might cause irritation to the treated region. As a result, it is recommended that you avoid the sun for at least a week following each session. And if you are going out, it is critical that you cover up with clothing, and if the treatment was done on your face, you should wear a cap or scarf to keep the sun at bay. Another option is to put a lot of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on the area.

Medi-facials: Medi-facials can improve the health and quality of your skin by getting deep into the areas that need it. At Bodyclinix, we may use different medical facial treatments on you, depending on how bad your pigmentation spots are. Our specialists will examine your skin type and issue type and give facial treatments accordingly to give healthy skin.

What to expect: To achieve and maintain the benefits, you must take care of your skin after the treatment. While using sunscreen on a daily basis is necessary, it is not sufficient. When going out in the sun, you must always wear a hat with a brim and sunglasses. You should also keep your skin clean and hydrated at all times. This manner, you can improve your skin’s health and keep dark spots at bay.

Microneedling: This treatment is a minimally invasive therapy process for treating skin pigmentation. At Bodyclinix, we use very small needles to puncture the targeted parts of your skin during this treatment. As soon as you finish, your body begins to heal the punctures. Along with the purposeful skin damage, your body cures the pigmented patches over time. The new Dermapen 4 technology improves the procedure’s effectiveness. Serums such as Vitamin C, Glutathione, Ferulic Acid Peel, and Retinol can penetrate deeper into the skin after the microneedling therapy. This can help treat pigment cells that are deeper in the skin layer without the need for downtime.

What to expect: Microneedling can help enhance your skin’s look and texture. It can help to reduce stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and other skin issues. It poses no danger of skin darkening.

Laser peel: A laser peel is a non-invasive and efficient treatment for skin discoloration. A laser instrument is used by the dermatologist to send wavelengths into the targeted parts of your skin. Laser pigmentation removal in Delhi is best available at Bodyclinix. The laser’s wavelengths destroy damaged skin cells while also reducing pigmentation. This technique has no negative side effects and produces results promptly. Nowadays, Q-switched laser systems are popular because of their sophisticated features. The laser wavelength employed does not result in a favorable effect on the skin and can prevent pigmentation even after sun exposure. It also helps to alleviate sunburn and other types of inflammation. This pigmentation is treated with an LED light device. This procedure is painless, safe, and non-invasive, with minimal downtime.

What to expect: The outcomes of laser pigmentation removal are permanent since it directly targets the dark spots on our skin and lifts them up and out completely. This problem will not recur when this treatment is complete.

We commit on results and get them for you

Treatment Results

One of the best advantages is pigmentation removal at Bodyclinix in Delhi, which allows you to get rid of your skin problem and have the smoothest skin you've ever had! One of the best advantages is pigmentation removal at Bodyclinix in Delhi, which allows you to get rid of your skin problem and have the smoothest skin you've ever seen!

Post Treatment Precautions

  • It is vital to apply broad spectrum sunscreen and follow aftercare for getting maximum benefit from pigmentation removal treatment. Otherwise, no matter how successful the aforementioned pigmentation treatments are, they will be rendered ineffective unless you shield your skin from the photo damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.
  • Maintain your use of sunscreen and sun protection methods to achieve long-term, sustainable outcomes. If you don't follow the instructions for sun protection and what to do after treatment, that will also affect the results of pigmentation.
  • Do the right thing and get rid of your pigmentations first, then take care of your skin to keep them from returning.

Bodyclinix Offers the Best Treatment

Bodyclinix is one of the leading skin, hair & body clinic in Delhi that offers a wide range of solutions to your issues. At Bodyclinix in Delhi, there are several methods for removing pigmentation from the face, and choosing one is easy by consulting with our experts. A good  visit with an expert doctor at Bodyclinix will clear things up. They will assess your situation and recommend solutions that will benefit you. It is entirely up to you to make the ultimate decision.

To make that decision, you must assess what outcomes you expect from the therapies and how far you are ready to go. Are you okay with treatments that need some downtime, or would you prefer a no-downtime option? And, of course, how strongly do you want the pigmentation removed? Only once you’ve answered these questions will you know what measures to take, with the correct doctor’s help.

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