Spot Reduction

Best Spot Reduction Weight Loss Treatment in Delhi

At Body Clinix Lose 1-2 inches per session of bulges from the arms, hips, stomach and thighs”. With increase in weight, fat tends to get deposited in your arms, hips, stomach and thighs. Some of these pockets of fat in these areas refuse to budget despite food control and exercise. We at Body Clinix understand your problem areas very well that takes away your desired appearance .

We commit on results and get them for you

We offer special therapies for quick SPOT REDUCTION or reducing these problem areas. Our Specialised therapies are combined to give concentrated inch loss and spot reduction. Utmost care is taken that your skin too becomes firm, toned and tight. A skin firming therapy is also used to help retain its elasticity. With Spot Reduction, resulting in your body appearing well-contoured and well-shaped.


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