Laser Lipo

Laser liposuction also known as Laser lipo is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to melt away fat under the skin. This technology is very safe and effective treatment for fat removal, with hardly any side effects. There is no downtime and with an average loss of 2 cm (3/4 inch) per session, (although individual results may vary according to individual’s body condition), this a highly recommended, US-FDA approved treatment for effective weight and Inch loss. The results are natural looking and will appear gradually.

How Laser-Lipo Works

About FAT Cells

Calories In = Calories Out. If you consume 2000 calories every day and burn through 2000 calories per day, then basically, we will never increase or shed weight. When the amount of calories we consume is greater than we burn then we begin increasing our weight. Making it even more difficult are factors like stress, sleep deprivation hormones, thyroid and the kind of food we consume. Having this kind of combination means that it is nearly impossible to lose the weight.

Since we tend to consume more calories than we are able to burn, this excess is stored in our fat cells as triglycerides. When our bodies store these excess fat, this eventually leads to our weight gain. This unpleasant factor, accompanied by the stressors of life is what makes it difficult to shed that excess weight we gained.

Science behind LASER-LIPO

Biostimulation, also known as the capacity to stimulate cells to regenerate itself is the basis for the effectiveness that the Laser-Lipo can provide for. The Laser-Lipo releases small amounts of energy into the subcutaneous fat tissue creating a chemical reaction in the fat cells which are targeted. This signal then breaks down the cell membrane, as well as the contents of fat cells which comprises of free fat acids, glycerol and water.

Then where does the fats go?

The Biostimulation process releases fat, which is then flushed out by the lymphatic system into various tissues of our body, where they get burned off during exercising or our regular activities which require energy. This entire process is very natural, normal and vital that the body goes through, to function normally in case you were working out or burning extra calories. The difference is that the Laser-Lipo will target precisely the area you’d like to lose inches, Whereas in normal process when you’re exercising and dieting that is very difficult to get precise results you desire.

Imagine a lovely round, round grape, tough on the outside, but succulent inside. Now, imagine your fat cell, with the cells membrane, and the fat acids located in the middle. The laser is able to stimulate the fat cell, creating tiny, perforated openings for the release of fat. It’s similar to squeezing a grape, and the contents inside it. After you squeeze a grape the liquid spills out, and you are left with the skin, and a bit of juice. This would be like represent your fat cells still there but no longer round and juicy, which results into inch loss.

Safety and Side Effects

Laser-Lipo technique has been used for more than a quarter of a century and has been subject to numerous studies about its safety in various situations. Since the laser stimulates the cells , rather than damaging it, there isn’t any injury to the cell or its surrounding areas, such as peripheral nerves, blood vessels and the skin. This non-invasive, safe procedure has assisted thousands of people in losing excess fat and resulting in inch loss as well. There have been no reported negative consequences or side effects of this procedure, hence it is a very successful treatment that has no adverse side effects.

Best Laser Lipo Weight Loss Treatment in Delhi

Why should you prefer Laser-Lipo?

Affordable Treatment

When compared to surgical liposuction, and other laser or ultrasound methods, Laser-Lipo is much more cost-effective, safe and with the same outcomes.

Safe as well as Painless

Laser-Lipo utilizes minimal amounts of red light visible to generate an uninvolved and non-invasive bio-stimulation process in that targeted area of fat. The stimulation occurs as part of regular chemical pathways that your body utilizes to deplete energy resources when needed. Therefore, Laser-Lipo is not able to cause adverse effects on the body, or cause damage to tissues of the body like blood vessels, cells or nerves that are located nearer to the organs. The treatment is able to be carried out on any type of skin, as well as the body areas where fat accumulates and you can resume normal activities right away after the procedure.

Targeted Fat Reduction

Laser-Lipo is a laser that targets reduction of fat in a specific region. With the placement of the laser pads in the area of concern, like the upper arms, chin, abdominal or thighs, fat can be dissolved and eliminated specifically from the area. This is an benefit over exercise and diet that can help reduce body fat, but not alter the shape of particular regions.

Innovative Design

The system is developed with an eight pad and a dual wavelength (650nm or 940nm) with 64 treatment lasers to ensure the best results.

We at BODY Clinix use, Laser-Lipo laser-based body contouring technique as part of treatment option to facilitate lifestyle change. Our focus towards you is to improve your health and help you lose inches as per your target. We check for all and any metabolic issues which could hinder the process. We can also provide for necessary tools to lose weight and become healthier. We also offer customised dietary consultations as well as sample exercise programs to aid in maximizing the effects of treatment.



Yes. Clinical studies conducted by independent researchers have proven Laser-lipo to be 100% safe and has no adverse side consequences. The laser-lipo laser causes a natural reaction to the release of fat cells. This process doesn’t cause any harm and the cells remain unaffected, but smaller, resulting in immediate results. Laser-lipo is a US FDA recognized treatment.

What are the issues that can be addressed with LASER-LIPO?

The stomach and hips, thighs, upper back, arms armpits, chin, the saddlebags and calves could be treated safely by Laser-Lipo.

How many treatments of LASER-LIPO CAN I GET?

The number of laser-lipo treatments is decided during your consultation and is determined based on your needs and expectations.

What are the issues that can be addressed with LASER-LIPO?

No. The laser-lipo fat and inch loss treatment is distinctive in the sense that it helps enhance collagen in the skin, and the skin is actually tightened within the treated area.

How LONG are LASER-LIPO treatments?

Laser-Lipo treatments usually last between 20 and 60 minutes. Which is determined based on your needs and expectations of the desired results.

How LONG will my LASER-LIPO results Last?

The results of Laser-Lipo are long-lasting as long as your diet and calorie intake regimen is consistent, and you regularly exercises. Further Laser-Lipo treatments can be performed to correct diet indulgence or target another area of the body.


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