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#1 Wrinkle treatments, thread lift, face fillers and non surgical face lift


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    We offer a range of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments to help tighten and rejuvenate your skin. These treatments are safe and effective, with little to no downtime, so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance without the need for surgery.

    It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles almost immediately

    It can reduce the appearance of new lines and wrinkles

    It is minimally invasive

    There is next to no down time

    Botox Treatment & Botox Injection

    Face Fillers & Lip Fillers

    Anti Wrinkle Treatment & Nose Thread Lift

    Eye Wrinkle & Eye Lift Treatments

    Wrinkle treatments, Lip fillers, Thread lift

    Face Lift & Face Fillers with Lip Injection

    How does BOTOX help with wrinkles

    What an injection of the molecule does is that it blocks the transmission of signals from the nerve ends to the underlying muscle. This makes the muscles relax and therefore the overlying wrinkles reduce in appearance. It works remarkably well even on moderate to severe wrinkles. You can see some images of before and after results in the relevant section of this page. It is also used across age groups and your gender or skin tone are not relevant to the effectiveness of this treatment. A very thin gauge needle is used for the procedure. The product is diluted in the required proportion and injected into the target areas. The injection step hardly takes 15-20 minutes.


    What is the Effectiveness of Botox on Wrinkles?

    If our skin specialist went ahead for the treatment, it does mean that you were an ideal candidate and they had noticed dynamic wrinkles where they knew they could deliver significant results. After the treatment you can expect to start seeing a significant reduction in wrinkles starting 48 hours post procedure. Further improvement is expected over the next 14 days. The delivered change will last for 4-6 months. You can choose to repeat it or not. Most of clients do repeat considering the results are so stark.

    Before and After Pictures

    Why Body Clinix?

    Medical Excellence

    Body Clinix has the finest team of specialist you deserve

    Cost Effective

    Our pocket friendly treatments are customsed for you

    Latest Technology

    Delhi's best state of the art methodology and equipments

    Personalized Care

    Customised treatment options for your best result

    Your Skin Care Starts Here

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    CONSULT US ABOUT YOUR SKINAt Body Clinix we care for you, we begin with first understanding about your skin goals and concerns. You can calls us over the phone, or ask for call back by filling the form or visit us in person.

    STEP 2

    CHOOSE YOUR CONSULTATION SLOT Our free in person consultation is for 15 minutes to suggest various treatment options available to achieve your desired goals. In severe conditions which require longer consultation a nominal fee may be charged

    STEP 3

    RECEIVE YOUR SKIN HEALTH CARE SCHEDULEPost your consultation with our experts, your personalised schedule for treatment options and dates are provided. We can also help you skip waitlists to secure treatments immediately in case of urgency.

    STEP 4

    EXPERIENCE OUR CONTINUOUS CAREFollowing your consultation and treatment schedule by our experts, Body Clinix Concierge anticipates your needs and guides you at all times to give you the Best Healthcare Experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the Botox Treatment is completely safe . At Body Clinix, Delhi, we use FDA Approved Technologies for Botox and treatment is provided under the guidance of thoroughly vetted Skin Care Specialists
    Every treatment has its pros & cons including Botox treatment. The Right treatment choice depends on the extent of Wrinkles and multiple other factors. Our Botox Experts at Body Clinix, Delhi can help you choose the best procedure for Wrinkles or any other related concern
    The results for Botox treatments may vary depending on multiple factors. We at Body Clinix, Delhi have top Wrinkles experts equipped with the best in class technologies to deliver remarkable results.
    The Botox Specialists are generally Dermatologists with specialty or expertise in Wrinkles treatments. We at Body Clinix, Delhi make sure that you are treated by experts with best knowledge and skills in the required category. At Body Clinix, Delhi you can be sure of being treated by the best in their fields.
    All The treatments for Wrinkles or other related concerns provided at Body Clinix, Delhi are cleared by FDA/ other top regulators of in India. Clearance is given after thorough assessment for risk / benefits of any treatment. You can read about the risks associated with Botox treatment above and also discuss the same with our expert in delhi.
    Contact Us and we would love to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best solution or treatment for you!

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    DISCLAIMERResults may vary from person to person depending on factors, such as; skin type,  skin sensitivity, complexion and follow up of treatment and precautions taken before and after treatment.


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