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Featured in and Associations:


5.0 Rating

Reviewed by 5,000+ People

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50,000+ People

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    CoolSculpt Benefits #1 Clinic in Delhi at Body Clinix

    It is a non-invasive procedure

    It leaves no scars

    No downtime is required

    It is a very safe process

    It provides well-defined body sculpting

    It improves one's overall appearance

    It offers precise results

    It improves one's self-esteem.



    • HIFEM technology for muscle contractions
    • Abdominal definition, buttocks, arms and thighs
    • Strengthen, slim and sculpt the physique
    • Suitable for all body areas with excess fat


    • Controlled cooling technology to reduce fat cells
    • For fat stored in abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, chin
    • Minimal discomfort with no downtime
    • Customized treatment plans with lasting results.


    • Ultrasound energy to heat specific skin layers
    • Precise targeting of fat and skin tightening
    • Stimulates collagen production for firmer skin
    • Noticeable results in a single session.

    Benefits of CoolSculpting

    Fat Reduction

    Avail permanent fat reduction of upto 25% in just one or two sessions.

    Eliminate Fat

    Eliminate fat from stubborn areas of the body in just a few weeks.

    No Side Effects

    Almost zero side effects post-procedure.

    No Risk

    There is zero risk of infection in the target area since the skin barrier isn’t broken during the cryolipolysis treatment.

    No Fear Of Gaining Weight

    Carry on with day-to-day activities without the fear of gaining weight. The target areas hardly see additional fat accumulation post-procedure.

    Smooth Appearance

    Almost zero side effects post-procedure.

    The Process of CoolSculpting

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    Areas Where Cool Sulpting (Fat Freezing) Are Effective

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the CoolSculpting fat-reduction procedure work?

    It causes living fat cells to freeze. They then crystallise and are eliminated from the body via the natural metabolic process.

    How much time will be charged to have a CoolSculpting treatment?

    The entire treatment takes around an hour. This technique takes 15 minutes to assess the proportion of fat in the target area, 5 minutes to prepare for the procedure, and 40 minutes to do the fat-freezing treatment. The patient lies down during therapy with the fat-freezing equipment turned on. The temperature is usually around -10 degrees Celsius.

    Is there any discomfort associated with the CoolSculpting procedure?

    There is some discomfort, but it is relatively minor. Within the first 5 minutes of treatment, patients frequently experience a slightly uncomfortable sensation during vacuuming.


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